You should hear a lot about strength training and aerobic training, but many people don’t know much about these two kinds of training. In fact, strength training is constantly tearing your muscles to increase your strength, while aerobic training is like running, squatting and other sports. So do you know the real difference between strength training and aerobic training? Let us know more about it.

1. Different energy metabolism systems
You should also know that you need to spend more energy during strength training, while aerobic exercise is aerobic metabolism, although it can also consume your energy, but it can also give you a certain amount of aerobic metabolism. But strength training may belong to anaerobic exercise, and anaerobic exercise is anaerobic metabolism. This is actually a more fundamental difference between the two, which is a point we must distinguish.

2. Different energy needs
When you do aerobic exercise, the body’s energy is mainly through the oxidation of starch and fat in the body, as well as protein solution, but in the process, we do not spend a lot of energy, but also vary from person to person, body muscles The group will participate in sports, but it will not exhaust the energy in our body. And if you do strength training, you need to spend more energy, and it is likely to sweat a lot during exercise, but if you do anaerobic exercise, you need energy to provide decomposition of blood sugar, which is not required in this process, so This is also the gap between the two.

3. Different maximum heart rate
Heart rate is a very iconic thing in the process of sports. If everyone is actually the biggest in the process of doing aerobics center rate, it will remain between 60% and 80%, that is, Heart rate is relatively reasonable, but if you do aerobic training, you will definitely have a higher heart rate. The heart rate is basically 170–more than 180 beats/min. If you don’t know how to judge, you can judge by heart rate that this is us. The sport being done.

In the article, we can find that the two sports have great differences in energy metabolism, energy demand and maximum heart rate. Therefore, the two movements are completely different in nature. If you want to exercise, you should also distinguish them.


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