Tilting the level to push the dumbbell so that the main point is not wrong


In general, when you do the tilting bench press, it will help the dumbbells, and you will need dumbbells in the process of tilting the bench assist tool upwards. But do you know that dumbbell-type bench press essentials? Today we will understand its basic actions! If you are interested, please read on!

Dumbbell bench press
Dumbbells ready for bench press
First, we need to sit on the uphill bench, then stretch out two hands, each holding a dumbbell, this time across the palm of our hand, just put the dumbbell on your lap. Hold the dumbbells in each hand and place them on your knees with your palms facing each other.

The process of pushing dumbbells sideways
When you’re ready, you can use the power of your thighs to help lift the dumbbells you hold on your arms. You only need to lift a dumbbell at a time. Lift the dumbbells and place them on our chests, facing forward and shoulders apart. While doing this, we should lean back a bit so that our back will be on the stool. Then we can start doing the following things. After we push the dumbbells with the chest, we can exhale, but it is important to control the dumbbells throughout the process, otherwise you will hurt yourself by putting down the dumbbells. Keep your stomach, stretch your arms, wait for the dumbbells to reach the top and stay there for a while, then slowly lower, inhale when descending, and the time required for the fall should be one to two times more than the time required.

Pushing attention on the dumbbells tilting horizontal
The above mentioned is that the whole bench press needs everyone to think carefully. We only mention one complete movement. If you want to exercise, repeat it until we want to exercise. The recommended number is some, but also according to your physical condition. Do the most reasonable arrangement. After completing this exercise, we should put the dumbbells back on the legs and slowly put them on the floor. Don’t put them back on the floor immediately, which is not safe.

It can be seen that the use of dumbbells is helpful for the effect of exercise, but in the process of using dumbbells, care must also be taken, which is the most important for their own safety.


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