Many people are familiar with opening up some jumps. Opening and closing is a simple and well-known movement. It is easy to practice movements when jumping together. Of course, jumping has good exercise effects, but some people do not know the advantages of open jumping together. What advantages does the open jump have? I believe many people are not clear. So, what are the advantages of girls consistently jumping? The following are the advantages of a jump jack.

The first article has a very good effect of burning fat. As we all know, aerobic exercise loses weight, but the effect of jumping is much better than aerobic exercise, jumping exercise or body aerobic exercise, so it is better than running. Second, the effect of slimming is also more symmetrical. Another point is that people’s heart and lung function can be improved during the jump process. If some people do not exercise for a long time, poor blood circulation, overweight, is actually the most beneficial to this sport.

The effect of this action-slimming opening jump is very obvious, but you must also do a good job of getting started. In the beginning, the body should stand up naturally, then loosen, and when we finish, we can start exercising. Open both hands and legs at the same time, then jump up, then in the process of jumping up, put both hands on the head, palm, when the body to the ground, the legs and hands immediately return to their original position, the most needed Note that the movement is in the process of jumping, the hands and feet must react faster, if it is slow, it will cause the action to keep up. Jumping, pay attention to time, but don’t force yourself too much. Basically, you can take a break for a minute, but how to rest, or see how to adjust yourself.

Most jump jacks are not calculated based on the number of movements, they are basically time controlled. In most cases, we adjust the time of the jump in about 30 minutes, and the exact number of jumps varies from person to person, but in most cases they can jump about 1800 times.


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