For Russia to turn around, many people are familiar with it. Russia turned into a famous training sport, and the Russian swivel still has a good training effect, but some people don’t know what the Russian turn is, what use is there, I believe that some People still know how to use it. So what is the use of simple Russian style? Learn about Russian human rotation below.

Russian twist
What is the simple Russian twisted use
The main part of this exercise is our rectus and external oblique. However, this movement is part of the exercise and is a more diverse part. It can not only exercise to two parts, but also exercise in other parts, but this action It can help you to give our abdomen and waist proud skin to quickly eliminate, so now everyone is going to reduce belly fat, must do a sport, and exercise for a long time, can exercise a charming waist.

Russia twists key points
The Russian movement is a classic movement of the waist. The purpose of the exercise is to often refer to people’s lines, so if you want to exercise, you can also try this method, but you should also pay attention to the movements you want to exercise in the process. If the target shifts, it may move to other places, so it does not achieve the desired results. Exhale when the arm is parallel to the ground. Then keep your abdominal muscles contracted and slowly return to their original position. Repeat it on the other side.

Russia turned to pay attention
The main thing to remember in this exercise is that the lower body is not moving, so you should keep your lower body in a stable state during exercise. And at the beginning we don’t choose to exercise too much weight, when the waist and abdomen strength is enough, then exercise with heavy equipment, so that the exercise can also help her lower body to maintain stability through the help of external force. In short, you only need to find a way to let the lower body Stable, you can complete the exercise better.


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