My first hour: six people showed them very different morning routines.

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My first hour: six people showed them very different morning routines.

A daily phone call from India, a hard workout on the track, or a trip to the milking parlour? What did the six men tell Candace piresh to get them up in the morning?

“How did the cow spend the night? Every morning at 4:30 a.m., the question wakes me up. We have 200 cows, and we have 200 other young cows, so that’s usually the case.

As soon as I went to bed, I was at work. We live on a farm in Yorkshire, and I don’t have time to waste because I have a whole day. My clothes are in the bedroom. I pull them apart as quickly as I can. If the weather is cold, I’ll go downstairs and put on overalls, waterproof shoes, hats and hats. It takes me six or seven minutes to get from bed to dress. To avoid waking up my stomach, I neither drink nor eat.

Every day when I come out of my back door, the farm looks a little different. In the summer, swallows may be proud to be in and out of the passage and overhead. In winter, it can be so fragile and cold that all spider webs are frozen.

I soon got the milking parlour ready, and then I went to the shed, opened the door, and cried, ‘morning, girls! Milking time. “I like seeing them every morning. Cows really enjoy their daily lives. They are always ready. If I’m only four minutes late, the barn door will line up. They went to the living room. I know who will come first, so if I expect and she won’t come, I’m already worried. I had a man who milked me, but there was an agreement that we didn’t really talk about until breakfast.

The cows were milked in 12 groups and were there for 10 to 15 minutes. It took me about three hours to squeeze all the milk out and do it again in the evening. I do the same thing every day for every cow – it makes them feel safe. For me, repetition is almost therapeutic. I turned my thoughts to other things that were happening that day. There’s a lot of time, so it’s important not to get caught up in the problem. Once I clean up the equipment, it’s 8:30 a.m. The children appeared outside the living room on their way to school, and we said goodbye.

I squeezed some milk out of the kitchen to cool it. I put it on my cereal and have a drink. It tastes much better than milk.

I never woke up thinking, “I hope it’s different today.” Follow the same routine and make me productive.

Chef asma khan calls her mother every morning.

I was always woken up by my mother’s call unless the fighting bird was particularly loud. I live in London, but she lives in a small town in uttar pradesh and is four and a half hours ahead. Every day she began to ask, “did I wake you up?” I always tell lies, because if she knew she would feel bad, she would feel bad. I never turn off my phone at night. When half the people you love are so far away, you always keep it in case they need you.

It’s not a short call, so I leave the bedroom, so my husband can sleep. When we talked the night before, I had the dinner club or dinner ready. She used to work in food, so she always wanted to know what happened to me. She will give me ideas, how I should do better, which is really good. I wouldn’t do anything except what she taught me. It’s islamic food in India.

In half an hour of that morning, talking to my mother and taking me home. I heard her tell my father to answer his crossword puzzle. We speak in English, but when we talk about food, we don’t have enough flavor and smell, so we switch to Urdu Hindi.

The night before, I would soak the seeds of fenugreek, and we would drink and talk. It tasted awful, but I was diabetic and I drank it for my health. My mother told me, “eat the seeds.” I can’t believe she drinks from such a distance.

After the call, I asked my child to get up. My oldest son needs a lot of shaking, but the young son is always washed clean, ready to comb his hair, without any hint.

Then I made a leaf tea, fresh ginger and spice masala. I can drink three or four cups during the day. My husband makes his own green tea. We do not participate in each other’s tea making. I have my first cup of six rich tea biscuits. I know it’s too much. But it brought me peace. When I came to this country, I lost a lot of things, but the ritual was the same.

Without my daily routine, I would lose my way. When I was a child, I struggled to wake up, my mother used to bring me masala, into my bed, we talked. Now that I can’t talk to her, it takes me a day to feel like I’ve forgotten something.

I woke up in broad daylight to a quiet house. I can usually hear the children on the street outside, Shouting to music people in the car, as if they’ve been awake for hours. They have. Like everyone else, we have to catch up. This could be a rather lonely night job. Even at 5:30am, my adrenalin is buzzing, because my wife and teenage daughter are sleeping.

But it’s easy to find me as a radio presenter’s night of work. I was born at night and as a teenager I didn’t get enough. I’ve been doing it for 16 years. When my children are very young, I feel great, because I can help them in a day.

I will not issue an alarm unless I have an urgent appointment. I’m trying to get my body to do my own thing. So I can get up at 12 or 4. I often go to bed late. As a reporter, when I appeared, I immediately went online and caught up with the news. I started with the BBC and the telegraph, and then all the newspapers. The first thing about reading news affected my day. It was always in my mind, and I was thinking about how to communicate with me in future performances. In my career, you free up your emotions, but sometimes it’s not easy. For example, when chuck berry died, it really affected my spirit.

I also run a book publishing company, so I catch up with E-mail. Now our way of working is expected to be answered within a few minutes. But it was four hours before I got the news, so I felt I had to catch up with them.

I never thought of eating the first thing. When I arrive at 9 p.m., it’s my breakfast time. On that day I tend to give up coffee; I don’t want my body to get used to it, so if I’m on the night shift, it takes a lot of work to really do it.

When I got off work in the morning and my colleagues came to breakfast, I smiled and said, “I bet you want you to work the night shift, don’t you? “My life may not be what other people say, but it works for me.


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