How will you solve the problem if you cross your hip joint?

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How will you solve the problem if you cross your hip joint?

More than once I unwittingly entered a midnight TV shopping, just to see a strong male coach bending, he put the two high resistance bungee cord dragged to his glittering silver bao fleiss. Just five simple payments, or business commitments.

However, is there anyone who has ever used Bowflex in addition to the researchers on blog posts?

Richard simmons, tabor, Slendertone, P90X, and soon, inevitably, CrossFit is gone.

The American college of sports medicine in 2015, the global fitness trends survey the author Walter Thompson (Walter Thompson), said by the gym and sports trainer marketing fashion exercise rise quickly.

Over the past nine years, the survey has compiled a list of the top 20 fitness trends in the world. This year, the most important trends include weight training, high-intensity interval training and personal training for certified professionals.

Zumba dropped to 13 in 2012, and is no longer in the top 20. Pilates, indoor cycling, stable ball and balance training also stand out from the list, and the new marketing of weight training programs has won this trend in the gym. But where does the new form of exercise come from?

Neal Pire said, “sometimes this is a new tool to create a new tool, but a new use of an old appliance. He is a veteran of the Fitness industry and works at HNH Fitness in oradder, New Jersey. For example, indoor cycling or “spinning” requires new tools. However, as early as the early 1990s, the popular gym class, long before the search for the gym, was already in research and academia for physical conditioning.

Popular new fitness trends are often an important combination of chance and marketing.

Take Zumba, the Pire tells Shots via email. Its founder, Beto Perez, is a group exercise instructor in Cali, Colombia, who appears to teach aerobics classes without his music tape. He has just made improvisations with salsa and merengue, and faster than what you call a “Latin dance party”, a new fitness phenomenon is born.

But he said zumba did not last long. He predicts that high-intensity interval training, such as CrossFit, will soon follow.

“High-intensity interval training is the result of many of these shows,” Thompson said. “I don’t think we’re going to talk about that in five years.” Part of the reason, he suggests, is that it’s very likely to hurt yourself when you do aggressive exercises.

‘high-intensity interval training like P90X is like driving a very fast car,’ he says. “You can travel at 90 miles per hour, or you can reach the limit, and the probability of an accident is 90 miles per hour.”

Fitness trends are also affected by the economy. When the economy started to shrink in 2007-08, the fitness industry was basically back to basics, so the growth of new recruits required few props. Like stationary bikes buy like gym equipment down.

“The cost of maintenance is very high,” Thompson said. “If one of these bikes is broken, if you can’t fix it yourself, you’ll spend $100 to $200 to fix some simple pedals.” Now, as the economy rebounds, many of those plans have begun to come back, he said.

Federal health policy may also affect the comings and goings. Affordable health insurance can reimburse doctors and help patients consult on their fitness habits. Aging research center at indiana university associate professor of kinesiology NiCole Keith says, that may help to explain why the “health trends survey”, “education, certification and experienced fitness experts” third, training of “personal training” was ranked fifth.

There is, however, a trend that has been remarkably persistent over the years.

“Yoga people are surprised every year,” Thompson said. He thinks yoga is on the way to pilates, and quickly stands out from the top 20. But he says people who promote yoga have come up with a way to make new people try. Whether it’s high temperature yoga or strong yoga, “they will reinvent themselves and continue to be popular.”

So what do we expect next?

“Fitness programs for older people,” Thompson said. Gym may need to support the millennium generation, by switching music selection (may be more than the beyonce Bach), and making people more leisure sports practice golf swing or other tools.

Of course, wearable devices like the Fitbit or Jawbone are also popular, says Carl Helmle, vice President of training at David Barton Gym, a chain of stores in New York and seven other cities. The question now is, “how do we integrate this wearable technology into the services we provide?” He said. Like others, their gym is investing in ways to help members track data, whether in steps, heart rates or molecular changes in the blood.

But if you’re worried about losing a trend like pole dancing or stabilizing the ball, don’t do it. Because while this isn’t an interesting answer, the best exercise has been around for a long time, just because of their work. “Basic exercise patterns include a bit of strength training and aerobic exercise,” helmle said.

That means walking, running, cycling, swimming, weightlifting – no gimmicks. Although they may be ordinary and some pedestrians, they are cheap and easy to manage. Let’s look at the latest trends.


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