To give up the SINS of pablo escovar, his son’s trade in speech of motive.

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To give up the SINS of pablo escovar, his son’s trade in speech of motive.

The son of Pablo Escobar, the late Colombian cocaine lieutenant, is expected to follow his father into the family business, like the offspring of other criminal fathers. Instead, he was clean.

Juan Pablo Escobar, his son, changed his name to SebastianMarroquin. In response to his father’s many homes and offices destroyed by car bombs, he studied architecture to build buildings. He spent much of his time in Latin America, as an inspirational speaker, denouncing the illegal drug trade and his father’s ultra-violent behaviour.

Marroquin told NPR: “I feel I have a moral obligation to walk in the community, acknowledge my father’s crimes and apologize to the victims of these crimes.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Pablo Escobar, the founder of medellin’s cocaine cartel, exploded a car bomb, killing police and blowing up a passenger plane. He was responsible for the deaths of about three thousand colombians. He became a billionaire when he shipped a lot of Colombian cocaine to the United States.

“We have a lot of cars, houses, helicopters and airplanes,” said Mr. Mallorkin, who was packed with a crowd of bullfighters in aguascalientes, Mexico City. “We have all kinds of luxuries you can imagine.”

Marroquin, 39, lacks an active stage performance in a monotonous speech after the podium. But his surreal stories, and the slides of family photos, were full 90 minutes.

As a teenager, Marroquin owns a motorcycle team and owns a single apartment. On his 14th birthday, he asked his father for an f-15 fighter, but he received a ferrari Testarossa.

However, his high-priced toys are out of the question, because Escobars has been running. Marroquin recalls that even though one of their hiding places was carrying $3 million in cash, they were starving.


“I ask myself: if you can’t go to the grocery store to buy bread, what’s the point of having so much money? He said.

In 1993, Pablo Escobar was shot dead by Colombian police on the roof of Medellin.

At the time, only 16 years old, Mallory decided to go his own way. Not only was he traumatized by his father’s violent death, but his opponent, Cali, vowed to kill the surviving members of the escovar family. After the Colombian government received a new identity card, Malone moved to Argentina with his girlfriend, mother and sister.

This is a difficult transition. Custom bodyguards and servants, Marroquin suddenly himself.

“I’m afraid to go into McDonald’s and order a hamburger,” he said. “I’ve always been isolated. I live in a bubble.

In Buenos Aires, Marroquin studied industrial design and architecture. But when customers learn their true identity, work dries up. In addition, he and his mother were briefly jailed for money laundering charges, but were approved by Argentina’s Supreme Court in 2006.

After that, Mr. Mallorkin didn’t avoid his past, but began to hold meetings on what he learned from the family’s violent legacy. He also found the victims.

One is Jorge Lara, the son of Rodrigo Lara, Colombia’s attorney-general, and one of escobar’s fiercest critics. In 1984, the man who was killed by Escobar killed Rodrigo Lara, who was only six years old and watched the bodyguard pull his father’s body out of his bullet-riddled car.

After Marroquin apologized to Lara, they became friends.

“People sometimes tell me,” how can you talk to that person? “Said lala. “But he’s walking around, talking about it, he’s not hiding, so he’s a very brave man, but his life is hard.

Another victim is Colombia’s former vice President Francisco Santos (Francisco Santos), he was abducted by escobar command in 1990 and was tied to a bed for eight months, after he was released. But he admired the son.

“When pablo escobar was killed, [mallorkin] was a 16-year-old child with a huge burden of life – a burden he was not responsible for,” santos said. “He wants to move on, you don’t see so many examples, instead, you see [relatives of the criminals] defending these crimes, why is it done, he isn’t.

Marroquin tells his story in his autobiography, “my father,” a Latin American bestseller just released in the United States. After the performance, fans lined up to sign. In books and talks, Marroquin tells young people to avoid the temptation of drug gangs. To eliminate their power, he urged public officials to legalise cocaine.

He asked for forgiveness of his father’s SINS.

The confession of Marroquin is Colombia’s pro-national reconciliation process. On September 26th the government and the marxist rebels will sign a historic peace treaty, ending half a century of guerrilla warfare. The conflict killed more than 200,000 people.

But not all colombians are tolerant. In his hometown, many people still regard maroque as a thug. That’s because after his father was shot, he vowed revenge on a Colombian radio station: “I’m going to kill all the sobs.”

A Colombian woman, Ines Sarmiento, said during a question-and-answer session that her father had been kidnapped during the height of the Colombian drug war. She added that because of the violence of Escobar, colombians abroad are often seen as criminals.

As Marroquin listened intently, Sarmiento declared: “I was hurt by everything your father did.”

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