By 2022, McDonald’s promises a more balanced and happy meal.

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By 2022, McDonald’s promises a more balanced and happy meal.

Hamburgers and chicken nuggets are still the mainstay of happy meals. But on Thursday, McDonald’s announced it was aiming to sell more balanced meals around the world.

By the end of 2022, the company says, at least 50 percent or more of the children’s dietary choices listed on the menu will meet the new global Happy Meal nutrition standard: 600 calories or less. No more than 10% of calories in saturated fat; No more than 650 mg of sodium; And add no more than 10% of the calories.

These goals are based on McDonald’s commitment to improve children’s choices. And, in many cases, these goals represent minor adjustments. To reduce sugar, for example, McDonald’s has turned to sugar and low-calorie organic apple juice in America. Now, the company plans to change chocolate milk to a low-sugar version. In addition, they will shrink the size of the fries with the happy meal delivery of six pieces of chicken malt. It now has a standard small fry, but it will become a smaller one.

The company also said, the company also plans to use its size and scale to use innovation marketing “help in Happy Meals provided more fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, and lean protein and water”.

In a statement, the American heart association praised McDonald’s plans to change its happy meals. “This is an important step in the right direction, we are looking forward to see how today announced that it will cause the children eat fewer calories and less sugar, saturated fat and sodium,” said Nancy brown, chief executive of the group.

Not everyone is impressed. “It’s more like the old dog’s old tricks,” says Alexa Kaczmarski of Corporate Accountability, the regulator responsible for changing McDonald’s sales to children. “It doesn’t matter how you dress it. Happy meals are a tool to attract children to junk food and build a brand’s affinity for life.”

So when can McDonald’s customers see a burger and a gold substitute? McDonald’s is testing the waters outside the United States.


Last month, McDonald’s in Italy launched a new Happy Meal main course, called teenage chicken, a lean grilled chicken sandwich. McDonald’s Australia “is currently exploring new vegetables and lean protein options, and McDonald’s France is studying new vegetable products,” the company said in a statement.

“The United States will be watching this closely,” said Julia Braun, a registered dietitian and global nutrition director at McDonald’s. “We are committed to exploring new options.”

McDonald’s has introduced vegetarian and vegan burgers in parts of Europe on meals outside children. “I tasted it and I liked it,” Braun said of French veggie burgers.

As for plans to launch veggie burgers in U.S. stores? “It needs to be led by the customer,” says Mr Brown. Fast food companies need to see demand there. “It has to have a lot of appeal.”

In announcing its new target, McDonald’s also announced that it had successfully removed sugary sodas from its menu of happy meals. The move is part of a commitment to a healthier generation that is committed to helping children develop lifelong health habits.

Dr Generation health alliance, chief executive of Howell Wechsler said in a statement: “from the first day, healthy generation know we the cooperation with McDonald’s is likely to affect the world wide improve children’s dietary choice.” “Today’s announcement represents meaningful progress.”

McDonald’s said it had tracked a 14 percent increase in the number of happy meals ordered with milk, juice or water since 2013. According to the company, “more than half of the happy meals ordered in the United States for the first time included water, milk or juice as their choice.”


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