Tony Robbins burned dozens of people during his inspirational exercise.

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Motivational speaker Tony Robbins spoke to fox business network in March. At one of his seminars, dozens of people were burned during a coal walk.
They hope to overcome their fear by walking through a pile of hot coal. Instead, dozens of people in Dallas, hosted by motivational speaker Tony Robbins, were treated for burns.
In a statement, Dallas fire rescue spokesman Jason Evans said that because of the coal, “many of these people have severe burns to their feet and lower limbs.” About 30 to 40 people were injured. Most people were selected for treatment at the site, and five chose to go to a local hospital for evaluation.
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Not my job: Tony Robbins tests laziness.
According to Robbins’ website, the coal walking campaign aims to “turn fear into strength”. “Once you start doing what you think is impossible, you will easily conquer other fires in your life,” the site says.
Jennifer Connelly, a spokeswoman for Robbins, told the conference that at the “release your power” seminar, 7, 000 attendees managed to get through coal. She added that it was the celebration of the event for 35 years. “Walking often leads to less than 1 percent of participants experiencing ‘hot spots’, similar to sunburn that can be treated with aloe.”
Cornelius recommends “no need for emergency personnel” :
“Someone unfamiliar with 911 fire travel process, they said need to send emergency service vehicles, although there is no demand for emergency workers, but we appreciate Dallas emergency services department to provide rapid and strong reaction, only 7000 participants requirements beyond any test site is available at any time. ”
This is not the first time a Tony Robbins seminar participant has suffered burns. As the Associated Press reported, “of the 6,000 people who used hot coal in 2012 in California, 21 were treated for burns.”
Video, released by CBS DFW, shows medical workers treating an injured woman sitting on a gurney. Another video showed a barefoot wounded man hobbling alongside medical staff.
The event organizer has a proper coal walk permit, Evans told NPR, including “flammable and flammable liquid permits” and “open combustion/leisure fire permits”.
Overheating coal has its advocates. CBS DFW and uninjured participants Tish Brazil talk, said: “from the point of view of digital, the result can be neglected, I don’t want to reduce anyone what happened, but there are some coaching skills, real specific strategies, he gave people.
Mr. Evans added that from the fire department’s point of view, the coal walk “is something we don’t encourage or tolerate in any situation.” However, he said, “whether we forgive them or not, we have a responsibility to provide services to those in need, and that’s what we do.”


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