Product: 10 gym bag essentials that you’ll never skip

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Although brazen sports shirts and yoga mats tell you, going to the gym is not fun – it’s just part of life. Remember when you said what you needed to exercise? It was annoying. To avoid this frustration, you can develop a sports bag with 10 workout elements so that you no longer have an untenable excuse to get rid of sweat.

Brooks runs suspended on a woman’s road for $150

Put your favorite sports shoes in your gym bag instead of your work bag, so you will never forget “emesh” – even if you secretly want to do this, you have an excuse not to exercise.

Simple modern peak water bottle, $17.95

Can we all reach an agreement to stop buying bottled water in the gym? Put a reusable water bottle in your bag so that you can save money and you can also protect the earth. This bottle has 21 colors that match your feelings. It is made of durable stainless steel, so there is no reason not to buy it.

Feeling Bluetooth headset, $29.97

Once you’ve tried Bluetooth headsets, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t work with them before. This wireless design means that when you run on a treadmill, you won’t accidentally pull them out of your ears, or if you are between two sets of lunges, you must readjust them.

Unusual super stealth socks, $10

You only need a super-small worry, for example, no suitable socks (or worse, no socks at all) can make you give up exercise. Put a low waist in your sneakers so that you can always be prepared.

Clinique CliniqueFIT face + body cleansing brush, $14.

If you don’t like the public shower or don’t have time, then prepare a box of wipes so that you can have a brunch from the gym. These large tissues are good for your face and body.

Sphynx Portable Shaver, $15

Somehow, every time you exercise, you will realize how many parts of your leg or underarm are missing during shave. Use caution when rubbing with a portable razor disguised as Hubba Bubba bubble tape.

Nooni Deep Clean Snow Bar Cleaner, $19

Your gym bag may be beaten, which means that your facial cleanser may explode. Avoid using solid face cleaner sticks like this. Rub it on the wet face, create a foam, then rinse.

Gym hair doesn’t care about Dad’s hat, adjustable baseball cap, $14.99

If you plan to work hard in the gym, you’d better let everyone see it.

Lavanila Sports Luxury Deodorant, $9

This is a unique, deodorant with a faint scent that will keep you away from the gym’s fears.


Small towel Lululemon, 18-22 USD

A small microfiber towel does not take much space in your bag, and it is much cleaner than what you get in the gym

Derek Lam, 10 Crosby Rain Day Parfum Stick, $38

This solid perfume stick means that when you accidentally drop the bag on the ground, it won’t break, so you don’t smell like a department store’s perfume area.


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