This fall, Oprah brand mashed potatoes are starting the supermarket

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Oprah winfrey is taking over her supermarket aisle with her own cold soup and side dishes. That’s what it’s called – wait for it – oh, that’s good! .

Billionaire media experts and weight watchers teamed up with grocery giant kraft heinz to create four “yummy soups” and four “yummy noodles.” But that’s not the case: each of the eight comfort foods comes with “TWIST.” Then your baked potato soup is topped with cauliflower “twist” your three cheese pasta with “pumpkin” pumpkins. Your tomato soup goes with celery and carrot “TWIST.”

Now, you might think, “what on earth is TWIST?” Same thing. I don’t think your pasta has a melodic spin – I think it’s just mixed together. But oprah, who knows!

“I love healthy food and I love eating in my garden,” winfrey said in a statement. Nutrition caught my attention as kraft heinz approached my food line. Everyone is more receptive to food. This product line is real, delicious food with a twist. You will feel good and serve your family. ”

Only oprah would get me excited about vegetables, and only oprah would be willing to try mashed potatoes, a sweet packaged food I had sworn. Because if oprah put her name on it, I’d put it in my mouth. Oprah is a millionaire (and a generous one) – she doesn’t just put her name on anything.
Soups are said to retail for $4.99, compared with $4.49 for both. People magazine said it was good! The product will be available in grocery stores in early August and in the United States in October.

Unfortunately, it is not clear whether these products will be available in Canada. So I may or may not cross the border to the falls – oprah’s ready meals are worth it.


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