The list of things I bought separately.

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State Senator Simcha Felder shops daily supplies in a local supermarket in Brooklyn on Wednesday September 28, 2016 State Senator Simcha Felder opposes the idea of the city to attempt to impose a 5 cent fee on plastic shopping bags. 9/28/2016 Brooklyn Go Nakamura for New York Daily news

A list of items I purchased separately.

Before I start, I think I need to start with the disclaimer: you don’t need to enjoy the taste or smell of something to love it. For? Think about the nature of your dear friends and family, and you’re glad you didn’t turn it into lip balm. Think about the smell of your favorite dog. Can you imagine me not using powdered carbon? I say this because I think it’s a very serious buying habit, and this habit is around packaging, and this habit often leads me not to actually use the product.

If I have one thing in common with 38 other flag designers, it’s the combination of red, white and blue. I think what prompted me to buy my first can of Smith’s rosebud ointment. When I was in high school, I think I found these things in those little bowls in sephora that were distracting you, how long you lasted, magically added up to at least $40 more than you thought. I bought it purely for aesthetic reasons (Victorian, in retrospect). I think it looks good on the nightstand.

It turns out I hate the taste of rosebuds. Reminds me of soap. The paste itself absorbs dry lips in desperate times, but I don’t like the consistency of oil (though it works well on every skin that the label recommends). Somehow, however, I was sure there was one on the nightstand and table in the bedroom.

Did you know that some people quit because they never waited for the cheese pizza to cool down? There is a similar way in every way, and I’ve given up on my travel size, and life with oshudan butter cream has been plagued by all manner of leather bags and handbags. I often buy them – usually at the airport, when I have time to go to a more beautiful terminal. Want to travel freely through your imagination to aix provence before flying to Tampa? Don’t mention it. – and then I remember how I hated the smell. If we were friends, I might give you socks for Christmas sometime. I promise, as a compliment. It’s about packaging.

This purchase had nothing to do with teeth, nothing to do with my completely unconscious appreciation of 19th century typefaces. I was very embarrassed when I bought it, and I felt that sitcoms described her husband’s old style, giving her a tampon: checking my shoulders, making sure no one was looking, and other items with the cash register. It’s too expensive. The good news is that no one is allowed to use it, including myself, so I won’t buy another tube.

This is innocent: without looking at the price, I grabbed two Swedish dream salt soaps. I deeply influenced the brand promise, suggested that will only buy my bathroom soap port in Scandinavia, way of life let me tend to reflect the change of atmosphere, so you can imagine, I don’t know how much I spent (from Rhode Island, a small antique shop $7.50 pop music, amazon can purchase them) 30% of the price, until I am at the checkout counter, it is too late. I set my dream to zero. They are decorating a shelf with some towels on it.

My mother used to use small bags on her hands. I can always find the charm of tin. When I saw it later, I bought it, but it made everything greasy, so I only used it once. As they say, there is something sacred about milk.

I like this product very much (it not only keeps hands clean, but also keeps it luxurious). Warning: no one is allowed to use it in my bathroom because I don’t want to buy another bottle. I heard a hacker whisper near the packaging material, that is, buy one, and then use cheaper liquid soap to supplement it once you use it. But that seems a bit too much. I’d rather put it in my sink forever and hide the ugly liquid soap in the medicine cabinet. It feels more real.

The story is as old as time, really: the shampoo and conditioner in the checked bag exploded, so I set it aside because it fits my holiday taste. It makes my hair greasy, but I say it smells amazing.

I don’t like macarons. I just want a donut. However, I bought the beautiful boxes they arrived in and later served as a beautiful storage container for miscellaneous items.


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